NGO unlocks the power of Salesforce CRM

Alberta Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to enabling women to build successful businesses.

With more than $6 million under management, AWE needed to ensure there is proper management of the asset pool at all times and that they are creating economic value and opportunity for female entrepreneurs.



AWE was using a system for data collection that could only gather limited information across the organization. Plus, the data the system did capture needed to be checked, and any issues required manual intervention to fix. These processes were difficult and provided limited business intelligence.

A customer relationship management (CRM) system was identified as a key solution for providing better service, gaining business insight, and helping to automate and digitally track internal processes.


"Continuously improving our ability to leverage technology that better supports women entrepreneurs provides us with a great opportunity to increase the engagement and impact of women business owners in our community and economy.

Having a system that accommodates flexibility in the data we collect and how we can use it to make decisions and improve our organization helps us make the best use of our resources and achieve our mission to support women entrepreneurs at all stages of a business".

- Marcela Mandeveille, CEO, Alberta Women Entrepreneurs


Freed administrative resources to focus in other areas

Improved reporting for funding use and priorities

Streamlined management of resources

Enabled ability to demonstrate success in key industries