Connected-RPA skills series, part one:

Knowledge and Insight

Hear from Bits In Glass and Blue Prism Cloud experts about the six intelligent automation skills that make Blue Prism’s connected-RPA digital workforce the most versatile RPA platform available today.


Become an RPA expert

This six-month series explores how human-like attributes make delivering true operational agility a breeze.

In August, we’re starting with Knowledge and Insight. Using this skill, connected RPA digital workers can identify trends and patterns in text communications, isolate issues, uncover, and even discover customer compliments. They can then assign tasks to the right system or human coworker to take action on what they found.



  • Risk visibility: gather data from disparate sources to assess risk faster
  • Customer service: gain valuable insight into customer behavior to better meet their needs
  • Workflow management: mine data to better understand and improve business processes

About your presenters

Josh is a Blue Prism Consultant and our Lead Blue Prism Developer. In his role, he’s involved in all day to day activities for Blue Prism; consulting with clients, planning, designing, deploying, and training of other developers and client teams.

As a Senior Solution Advisor with Blue Prism, Anna brings experience from both US and international healthcare providers and a number of integration and automation technologies. She’s a thought leader, advisor, and consultant to organizations across industries.

Anna Twomey

Josh Painter
Blue Prism Consultant, Bits In Glass

Anna Twomey
Sr. Solution Advisor, Blue Prism

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