The 5 Biggest Pitfalls When Implementing RPA

With Blue Prism's code-free RPA, deployed using Blue Prism's Robotic Operating Model, your organization can scale efficiently and reduce costs.



  • How to assess your business processes for pain points, workload, and RPA fit
  • The importance of employee engagement and ownership in your RPA journey
  • Why effective RPA planning will take your automation strategy to the next level

About your presenters

Vishal is a Director of Professional Services at Bits In Glass where he is responsible for managing the delivery of rapid and high-quality solutions tailored to our customer's needs. Vishal has experience in Agile delivery management, project planning and resourcing, business process automation, and application software development.

Josh is a Blue Prism Consultant and our Lead Blue Prism Developer. In his role, he’s involved in all day to day activities for Blue Prism; consulting with clients, planning, designing, deploying, and training of other developers and client teams.

Vishal Vaidya
Director, Professional Services

Josh Painter
Blue Prism Consultant

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