Fairway Divorce increases efficiency and operational oversight

Fairway Divorce Solutions offers an innovative and cost-effective alternative to traditional, court-based agreements. As a rapidly growing company, Fairway needed to increase its efficiency and oversight to efficiently manage demand as well as growing franchise offices.


Fairway needed a way to reflect their company's growth strategy and proprietary, step-by-step conflict resolution process. Fairway additionally needed a way to support company franchisees and unite all offices through one, singular platform. Through all of this Fairway required support for a new reporting requirement across the company.

"Our sales representative, Catherine, had an aptitude for recognizing what our process was and then translating it into a Salesforce perspective. She wasn't afraid to ask some tough questions and be Devil's Advocate to ask, 'have you thought about this and why do you do it like that?

Some of the tools we have are there because Catherine thought outside the box. She knows how to take processes, put them into Salesforce and make them efficient, paperless, and add that element of quickness."

- Denise Ebata, Operations Manager


Time saved with greater access to records

Salesforce reporting assists in team oversight

Mobile dashboards assist management team

Quick access to accounting information